Great Snacks That Can Help With Weight Loss

Great Snacks That Can Help With Weight Loss

Losing weight doesn’t mean limiting yourself to restricting foods that make you crave more and eat more. There are a lot of snack recipes that can actually help you lose weight without having those dreaded cravings.

Here are some healthy and low calorie snacks that are going to satisfy you as well as help you lose weight;

Protein Shakes

Some people consider protein shakes as a complete meal replacement. But it’s actually a healthy snack because it has a small amount of calories. There are so many variations of protein shakes and protein powders, which are a pretty healthy on-the-go snack to get a good amount of protein.  Most of these snacks have very little carbs which is a good thing if you’re dieting. You can mix a scoop of protein powder with a cup of vegetables, handful of fruit, milk and water to prepare this snack.

Balanced Bento Box

With this balanced bento box, you have your fats, you have your carbs and some protein that are not only weight loss friendly food, but will also satisfy your taste buds. You can start off the week by making a few of homemade pita tortillas, cover it with the seasonings you want and bake it in the oven at 350 degrees. For the healthy fats portion, add some little slices of cheese. You can have some small slices of roasted chicken breasts for protein. You can incorporate some fruits in it such as berries and almonds. To finish your balanced bento box, assemble the items you have prepared and voila! Your healthy bento box is ready throughout the day.

Apple Cookies

Apple cookies are a great way to enjoy a tasty, yet low calorie treat each day without ruining your weight loss diet. Start off by decoring the apple of your choice and slice it into thin kind of cookie pieces. Put those into a zip lock, add a lemon juice if you’re not going to eat it right away and put them on paper towels. You can layer some natural peanut butter with Chia seeds to add some sweetness to your apple cookies.

Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream Popsicle

Are you a late night snacker? Late night snacking may lead to weight gain. Hence, preparing this snack is key to satisfy your cravings or hunger without packing on the high amount of calories. Instead of the typical creamy high fat ice cream, switch to frozen yogurt to satisfy your ice cream cravings. To make it, mix any fruits of your choice like banana or berries with a low-fat plain yogurt and blend all the ingredients until thick and smooth. Then place the mixture into Popsicle molds. Freeze them overnight and you can enjoy your guilt-free ice cream throughout the week.

Broth Based Soup

If you are truly hungry and you want a bigger portion without having the extra amount of calories, then a bowl of warm soup is perfect for you. Broth based soup is lighter and easier to digest. You can have a seafood vegetable soap prepared with vegetable broth, green leafy vegetables and an ounce of prawns.

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