Signs You Will End Up Sleeping with Your

Personal Trainer

It’s the plot for a lot of movies – a personal trainer sleeping with their client, and a whole lot of drama ensues. While it may be the plotline of a lot of films, it has to come from somewhere. Believe it or not, client and personal trainer relationships are more common than you think. Are your fitness sessions turning into something other than reps and press ups? Here are a few of the many signs that show you may end up sleeping with your personal trainer.

They Text You After-Hours

More often than not, when you sign up with a personal trainer, you exchange phone numbers, so you know how to contact each other if one or the other needs to cancel. Sometimes it’s also helpful if you need support or want to ask a health-related question.

However, if you’ve left your training session earlier that day and your trainer is messaging you after-hours about non-related topics, alarm bells should start going off. Casual conversation, unless you’re familiar friends, is typically not part of the personal training contract.

What’s more, if those texts appear out of the blue while your trainer is out drinking at the weekend, that’s a good sign they’re into you. Even when intoxicated, you’re on their mind, and they want to talk to you.

Stretching Sessions Take A Little Longer

It’s not uncommon for a personal trainer to help you stretch at the beginning and end of your session. They will need to touch your limbs to loosen and stretch you, all for the benefit of warming up or warming down for or from an intense session. However, if those stretching sessions tend to take longer than what you would typically encounter, there’s every chance they’re checking you out. A good sign you may end up sleeping with your personal trainer is if you don’t mind it at all.

They Invite You Out For A Milestone Drink

If you’ve reached a milestone during your workout – such as lifting more than you ever have before, or gaining inches in muscle while losing fat, then well done you. It’s a great achievement and one usually a personal trainer would celebrate by saying “well done, see you next week.”

However, if your personal trainer, instead, offers to take you out for a drink to “celebrate” there’s every reason to believe they’re into you. They are unlikely to do this for all their clients – otherwise, they’d be down the dangerous road to alcoholism.

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They Tell You You’re Their Favorite

Just like a mother shouldn’t have a favorite child, a personal trainer shouldn’t, in theory, have a favorite client. However, if they tell you that you are their favorite, they’re trying to flirt with you, or they say that to all their clients. The likelihood of all your trainer’s clients meeting together in one room and finding out they’re not all the favorite one is slim. Therefore, don’t take them at their word – you may be one of several favorites.

You Look Forward To Your Training Sessions More Than You Should

While you might enjoy the banter that you and your personal trainer have, being genuinely excited to go exercise is not a common occurrence. In fact, it can be more to do with the person who’s training you rather than the endless burpees and press-ups. If you count down the hours until you can sweat and tire yourself out on a treadmill, then it’s a good sign you will end up sleeping with your personal trainer. No one is that enthusiastic about exercise.

You Dress Up To

Work Out

If you find yourself paying a little more attention to your appearance to go to the gym than you typically would, it might be time to think about who you’re trying to impress. Are you applying makeup when you generally wouldn’t? Or, are you investing in the most figure-enhancing workout gear to get someone to notice? Rather than throwing on your general workout gear and being ready in a couple of minutes, being more careful is a valid sign that you’re out to get someone’s attention.

Not every one of these signs means you are, in fact, going to sleep with your personal trainer. However, with several one-on-one sessions a week, it’s common for sparks to fly and relationships to form. If you’re guilty of at least a few of these, is love possibly in the air?

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